Education and Outreach Resources

A huge part of RCARP is our focus on bringing what we know about archaeology and what we are learning about the archaeology of Rutherford County to the public. When we say “public” we mean people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and cultural, social, and economic backgrounds. We want to share our love of the past with anyone and everyone!

As we begin this phase of RCARP, we wanted to share a few links about how archaeology matters in your life and can benefit you, your family, and our community. We will add and edit as necessary, so be sure to check back.

For information on archaeology in general and what we know about the region’s prehistory, check out our Archaeology Links page.

The National Park Service has a very useful website on the Public Benefits of Archaeology. We’ll be surprised if you aren’t surprised by some of these!

Project Archaeology is a great resource for educators. Project Archaeology’s aim is to provide professional development and educational materials to teachers. These materials use archaeology as the basis for teaching numerous concepts important in all curricula.


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