A Motley crew

post by field school student Sara N.

Our plan today was to shovel test in an area the west of where we had been working. This area sits up higher in elevation, and has the added bonus of having horses in the field! We established a baseline for our transects along the existing fence line. My partner and I were on the southern-most transect and on our second shovel test of the day. We had just removed the grass and began screening the first few shovelfuls when my partner picked up a distinct object from the screen. The object in question happened to be the distal half of a very old stone tool.  We showed it to Jesse Tune and Dr. Peres for confirmation (and because, well, we were all excited!).

Sara N. holds the Motley PPK.

Sara N. holds the Motley PPK.


Jesse is a lithics specialist and identified it as a Motley type. These types of PPKs (Projectile Points/Knives) were made and used between 4,000 and 3,500 years ago.


Motley point.

Motley point.


What were they used for? Well, in any number of different ways — as a knife, scraper, hunting (spear point), or defense.


While this artifact was recovered from a shovel test – which is just a small snapshot into the site – Jesse and Dr. Peres think this signals the likelihood there is an intact site…the only way to know for sure is additional testing. Stay tuned over the next 5 1/2 weeks as we explore the Magnolia Valley site!


Today’s comic relief: Sara and Susan have an audience!


Susan and horses


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