Meet the Field Assistants

The MTSU Archaeological Field School at Magnolia Valley has two resident field assistants, Kate McKinney and Joey Keasler. Both have completed a previous MTSU Archaeological Field School and have experience on numerous field and lab projects. Learn more about Kate and Joey here.


Kate McKinney at Glass Mounds site, 2013.

Kate McKinney at Glass Mounds site, 2013.


Kate McKinney

is a graduating Anthropology senior at MTSU. Kate’s experience working in the field consists of the 2012 MTSU Field School at the 40DV7 (directed by Dr. Peres); Glass Mounds site (directed by Aaron Deter-Wolf), Phil Stratton site (directed by Jesse Tune), and Black Cat Cave (part of the MTSU RCARP). She has training in zooarchaeology and is a paid lab assistant on several projects with Dr. Peres. In addition to her role as field assistant for the 2014 MTSU Field School, Kate will be working on a grant-funded research project analyzing the ceramics from 40DV7 and the Magnolia Valley sites. Kate will start the Applied Anthropology graduate program in the fall at Mississippi State University.










Joey Keasler

Joey Keasler, field assistant, coaches the field school students on their schnitting techniques.

Joey Keasler, field assistant, coaches the field school students on their schnitting techniques.

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from MTSU in December of 2013 with a B.S. in Antropology and minors in Archaeology and History.
  • Did an internship with the Tennessee Division of Archaeology in 2010 under the supervision of Aaron Deter-Wolf.
  • Worked on the Picket Chapel Archaeoloy Project in 2013 under the direction of Phillip Hodge from TDOT.
  • Worked on the Stratton Project in 2013, which was led by Jesse Tune.
  • Was a field assistant for the Middle Cumberland Archaeology Project at 40DV7 in 2012 for Dr. Tanya Peres.
  • Was a crew chief at the Castalian Springs Summer Field School (40SU14) in 2011under the direction of Dr. Kevin Smith.
  • Worked at the Coats-Hines Mastodon Site (40WM31) in 2011with Aaron Deter-Wolf and Jesse Tune.
  • Worked on the SSRG Cumberland River Emergency Archaeological Survey with Dr. Tanya Peres and Aaron Deter-Wolf following the May 2010 flood.
  • Had a paper titled “An Evaluation of the Alcohol Consumption Patterns of Tailgaters at Greenland Drive and Walnut Grove” published by Scientia et Humanitas in 2011.
  • Completed two URECA Scholar research projects while attending MTSU.
  • Received numerous scholarships.
  • Made numerous paper and poster presentations on campus, at local meetings, and national conferences.
  • A current member of the Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) team under the direction of Dr. Hugh Berryman.
  • Have a strong interest in Zooarchaeology, Bioarchaeology, and Battlefield Archaeology.

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