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The Rutherford County Archaeology Research Program (RCARP) is a research program focused on the ancient peoples that called Rutherford County, Tennessee home 12,000-500 years ago. RCARP is based at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and is directed by Dr. Tanya M. Peres, Associate Professor of Anthropology. Our mission is to learn more about the ancient peoples and cultures of Rutherford County, Tennessee; to share this information with researchers, students, and the public; and to document, conserve, and protect the archaeological resources of the region. This website and our social media presence is part of efforts to reach out to YOU and invite you to learn more about the prehistory of Rutherford County alongside us!


Maybe you still have some questions? Are any of them listed here?

So, that is WHY we are doing this, but HOW did we get interested in studying Rutherford County specifically? Read about that here

WHO is working on this project? Find the list of RCARP staff here and links to our bios.

How do we pay for all of the fieldwork and lab work?  A lot of sweat equity goes into what we do, but we could not do this without the generous financial and/or technical support of numerous individuals, agencies, family members, and friends.

Want to become one of our partners? You can find a link to the contact form here.

WHAT do you do in the field? Well, we are so glad you asked! Read our daily updates from the field on our blog!






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